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What's User Onboarding?

The moment when a visitor lands on your website, User Onboarding should begin. User Onboarding is the method to increase the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your website.

Uengager is an onboarding tool for your website’s users.

How does Uengager's user onboarding tool help your website visitors?

Examples where Uengager onboarding tool can guide your website visitors:

For a Lead Generation Website, you capture email leads by guiding your visitors to subscribe to your newsletters or freebies that you’re giving out. This will increase your website’s lead conversions.

For an eCommerce Website, you take your visitors through the checkout process and complete payments. This will reduce your website’s shopping cart abandonment.

For an Car Insurance Broker Website, you create visual instructions to help visitors to complete complex application forms.

Learn more from user onboarding best practices.

Why should you use Uengager?

You’re spending a lot of advertising money to get visitors onto your website. But 90% of your visitors bounced off (or left) without taking any actions on your website.

You should try Uengager’s User Onboarding Tool.

With Uengager, you can put up “signs” or interactive guidance on different places of your website. This will help your visitors find their way to complete their tasks, whether the tasks are completing payments or subscribing email newsletters.

How are customers using Uengager?

Highlight key insurance policy terms.

Set up visual guides (or tooltips) to highlight important messages or sections that your users would have easily missed.

Introduce key metrics in analytics dashboard reports.

You can integrate Uengager with your company’s analytics reports.

Take people to complete multi-page actions.

The user onboarding tool, Uengager, works well when users have to complete different actions on multiple web pages.

Not sure how you should use Uengage? See the examples in Uengager’s use cases.

Examples of Using Uengager

Let’s see more practical examples in action. In each example, you’ll have to click the blue button to start the Uengager tool. You’ll find the blue button at the bottom right corner of your screen (when you’re on a desktop/tablet), or at the bottom of your screen (when you’re browsing through a mobile phone).
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How do you start using Uengager?

Very simple. Register your new account.

Get the JavaScript snippet that we will provide you once your new account is created. Add the JavaScript snippet to your WordPress website or blog – Usually the footer area (which is a common area for all pages) will be fine.

No coding skill is required.


Improve user experience

Streamline user onboarding process

Encourage user engagement

Speed up feature adoption

Decrease user abandonment rate

Increase upselling and cross-selling

Increase user retention rate

Improve user loyalty


Testimonial from L2Cplat Executive

“Uengager has helped our business in two areas.

Firstly, Uengager has successfully boosted our website’s conversion rate. The visitors to our website came through keyword search from search engines, some specific online promotions, display ads, and other traffic acquisition channels. Engager is able to provide custom interactive guides to each different traffic channels.

Secondly, Uengager has streamlined and semi-automated our internal staff training for new product launch. This has saved us many hours of designing a process that would have achieved exactly the same results.”

Testimonial from AIA Insurance Manager

“Terms and conditions of insurance policies are boring and complicated.

Uengager lets us provide step-by-step visual guides which take our customers to complete the long and complicated insurance application process. Everything was design and setup in less than an hour. With Engager, it has saved us hours in which we would have to explain to our customers.”

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