New Customer Onboarding Checklist

Customer Onboarding can solve this issue: New customers often don’t understand your product, and don’t see the value in your product.

Most onboarding experiences are fragile and must be converted into a bulletproof onboarding experience. How?

Use this New Customer Onboarding Checklist.

Step 1: Set up Marketing Automation in the first place. Create an automated welcome email that triggers when a new customer signs up.

Step 2: Create a site message greeting the customer for the first successful login.

Step 3: Show the new customer a step-by-step product onboarding guide (with call-to-actions).

Step 4: Send a follow-up email reminding your new customer to login to the product, if he/she hasn’t done so after one day of registration.

Step 5: Build the content for all the empty states in your product.

Step 6: A celebration should happen when the customer makes it to a milestone in your product. This celebration should be sent/emailed to the customer as notification.

Step 7: The customer should have entered your automation after signing up. In the automation, regular emails will be sent to this customer until he/she changes his/her subscription settings.

Step 8: Develop a knowledge base with answers to common frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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